Postprofessional Programs

The postprofessional program in the Krannert School of Physical Therapy offers graduate certificates and academic master's and doctoral degrees designed to provide practicing physical therapists with the necessary tools to advance skills and knowledge, as well as expand career opportunities. The Krannert School of Physical Therapy has been offering postprofessional education since 1984. The courses include weekend and Online formats allowing students to earn a degree, without having to relocate to Indianapolis.
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Range of Degrees and Graduate Certificates
Postprofessional students have choices. Each graduate certificate (orthopedics, neurology, pediatrics) requires 18 credits. The Master of Health Science (MHS) enables physical therapists to earn an advanced academic degree with 36 credit hours. The doctoral degree, the Doctor of Health Science (DHS), allows students to select a major and minor area of focus.

Choose a Postprofessional Program:

Doctor of Health Science (DHS)
Master of Health Science (MHS)
Graduate Certificate (Neurology, Orthopedics, Pediatrics)
Orthopedic Residency
Continuing Education and Non-Degree (Take up to 3 courses.)

Why UIndy?

Flexible Format
A variety of learning formats are available within the postprofessional program. Weekend courses offer a combination of independent study and intensive classroom interaction with faculty and students. Most courses require only one three-day weekend on campus at the University of Indianapolis with pre-course and post-coursework completed Online, making it convenient for clinicians located throughout the country to attend classes. Many weekend courses include clinically-based labs during the course. Some courses meet for two days, and some are offered fully Online. Online courses establish a community with students working from their homes. Independent studies and practica are designed to enhance degree plans and to incorporate additional resources.

Nationally Renowned Faculty
The postprofessional programs include the expertise of core and adjunct faculty members. Core faculty members have a primary professional commitment to the University of Indianapolis. Adjunct faculty members share their knowledge and expertise on a part-time basis. Our students learn from an impressive group of adjunct faculty members from across the nation.

Individualized Programs of Study
Our students receive personal attention. In conjunction with an advisor, students design an individualized program of study developed within the parameters of their chosen program. This approach allows students the flexibility to complete their degree at their own pace. Postprofessional PT students may also register for UIndy graduate-level courses and postprofessional courses in occupational therapy and gerontology.

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